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Action Alert

ACTION needed today for a Smokefree Alaska!

Publication Date: 2018-01-30

Alaska's House Rules Committee Members need to hear from you.

PlaceholderYou are making a difference! SB63 for a Smokefree Alaska is now in the House Rules Committee and needs to be quickly moved to the floor for a vote.

If you haven't already, consider calling or emailing the select H-Rules committee members listed below. Ask them to do what they can to get SB63 to the House floor for a vote, and let them know how important smokefree statewide is for the health of all Alaskan's.

1. Representative Matt Claman - 907-465-4919

2. Representative Sam Kito - 907-465-4766

3. Representative Louise Stutes - 907-465-2487

4. Representative David Eastman - 907-465-2186

5. Representative Mike Chenault - 907-465-3779

6. Representative Lora Reinbold - 907-465-3822

Thank you for letting these lawmakers know you want a strong bill passed for smokefree workplaces and public places for everyone in Alaska. Everyone deserves the right to a smokefree workplace because secondhand smoke is a leading cause of heart disease, cancer, repiratory illness, and other serious health risks.

Sample Talking Points:

  • Senate Bill 63 seeks to safeguard working Alaskans and their children from the adverse effects of secondhand smoke and aerosol from e-cigs by providing a statewide smoke-free workplace law for businesses and public places.
  • Regardless of the debate of whether electronic cigarette products serve a role in cessation, there is simply no need to use them inside shared air spaces (such as workplaces and public places) where others are then subject to the hazardous secondhand emissions. Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes should be used outdoors and in ways that don’t impact the health of others.
  • While many Alaskan cities already have local smokefree laws, a statewide law is needed to extend this protection to boroughs and communities that do not have the ability to create smoke-free laws. Everyone should be covered with a strong smokefree workplace law statewide.
  • Research shows that electronic smoking devices can produce high levels of harmful ultra-fine particles that can irritate or damage the respiratory system. These products produce a dense visible aerosol of liquid sub-micron droplets consisting of glycols, nicotine, volatile organic compounds, and carcinogens (e.g., formaldehyde, metals like cadmium, lead, & nickel, and nitrosamines).

Be sure to like the Smokefree Alaska Facbook page for the latest data and information. If you use social media, consider using the hastags: #AKSB63, #AKLEG, #AkSmokefree.

Thank you for taking action!